We are on a mission to protect bees and pollinators with an effective mosquito solution! This is the latest scientific advancement in mosquito eradication. It was developed in the Netherlands by In2care.

  • We believe that misting neurotoxins, organic pesticides, and even essential oils can kill pollinators and beneficial insects.
  • Misting neurotoxic pyrethroids into the air and on flower foliage can cause incredible damage to bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.
  • Misting neurotoxin pyrethroids can be fatal to aquatic life if misted too close to bodies of water.
  • Rather than misting neurotoxins into the air and all around your property, our method lures and kills mosquitos with the In2care trap.
  • The In2care trap uses mosquitos to spread the larvicide directly to their breeding grounds around the trap. This effectively compounds the traps effectiveness.
  • Outside of the US, the World Health Organization rated the water with the bioactives in our trap as safe to drink. In addition, the EPA rates it as safe among pets, children and other wildlife.
  • Our method is much safer for the environment than “organic” or “essential oil” misting applications. These treatments have a true efficacy of only 2-6 hours and will kill beneficial insects upon contact.
  • The In2care trap is safe around pets and children.

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