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mosquito control in Daytona Beach

We all love our homes, but sometimes, the mosquitoes can make going outside almost unbearable —- especially with our Florida climate. Whether you want to eliminate pesky bites, minimize your chances of catching harmful diseases, or both, mosquito control is essential for the comfort of you and your family. However, the insecticides used can lead to major environmental casualties, including the death of bees and other important pollinators.

That’s why so many residents in our community have turned to our team. Our innovative method of mosquito control works to target only mosquitoes while letting other insects remain unaffected.

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How It Works

We place traps at the pivotal spots surrounding your home that release a non-toxic chemical to attract mosquitoes. As a result, the helpful pollinators in the area are left untouched while the mosquito problem is handled over the long term. Every 30 days, our team will stop by your property and service the traps in any way necessary.

Reclaim your home, protect your family, and do your part to help the environment by calling Bee Conscious Mosquito Control. We are here to help.

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