How Does it Work?

This is the newest technology to lure and trap mosquitos safely without inadvertently misting pollinators and beneficial insects. Our specialist will set these up in ideal locations around your home and service these traps every 30 days.

  • Lures female mosquitos into the trap with a bioactive attractant (only female mosquitos bite)
  • The female mosquito lands on the gauze floater and lays her eggs in the water
  • The same way a bee transfers pollen from a flower to its body, the mosquito is positively charged from flight and the gauze that is coated with mosquito-killing fungi and a larvicide is negatively charged. These compounds transfer to the mosquito when it lands on the gauze thanks to this ion exchange.
  • The water in the trap contains a larvicide that will not allow the larva to mature and the smell of the larva attracts more mosquitos
  • The mosquito-killing fungi will kill the mosquito within 5-10 days and within 2 days the mosquito will not be able to bite.
  • The mosquito will continue to spread the larvicide to many other breeding sites around your home


Overview Of How The System Works

how it works page - 1st photo

Placed Discretely

how it works page.. 2nd photo beside 3rd photo

how it works page... 3rd photo

Mosquito Enters Trap And Is Exposed To The Product.

how it works page.. 4th photo

Mosquito Leaves Trap And Spreads Active Ingredient To Other Breeding Sites.



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